Monday, March 21, 2022


HG IV Circular Work in Carpentry
Stereotomy Geometry

This book is a subset of the Holy Grail of Roof Framing Geometry & Trigonometry books.

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The book includes step-by-step instructions on developing stereotomic double curvature drawings for circular work in carpentry. Some of the techniques presented in this book are thousands of years in the making. As carpenters, we shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel each time we are faced with new challenges. There is a likely hood that someone, that came before us, has already refined a technique that we can use today. The tools might have changed, but the piece of wood that it is twisting and turning remains the same piece of wood.

This book also includes a zip file download of 930MB. There are some print, scribe, and cut drawings for double curvature in the zip file download. As, well as, PDFs, pictures of the process of cutting the wood, SketchUp files, and some AutoCAD files.

Book Contents

Cords, Midpoints, and Tangents
Lines and Midpoints
Unit Circle Arc Segment Functions
The Three Lost Points of Circular Work
Professor Louis Mazerolle's Conic Section Practice Page
Parabola Conic Section Practice Page
Hyperbola on Round Tower Roof
Ellipse Functions
Cylinder SkyLite
Helix Curve - Circular Stair Stringer
Helix Double Curvature Stair Stringer
Helix Double Curvature Stair Stringer Practice
Concial Helix
Double Curvature Arch
The intersection of Three Cylinders
Imperial - Dome Roof Orthographic Projection Exercise
The intersection of Cone and Inclined Plane
Layover Rafters on Elliptical Sleepers
The intersection of Vertical & Horizontal Cones
Hunting Miter Parabola
Circle Scribe Transfer Tool ™
Barrel Roof Framing - Elliptical Layover Roof Surface Geometry
Barrel Roof Framing - Trigonometry Purlin Rafters
Barrel Roof Framing - Circular Ribs
Barrel Roof Framing - Roof Surface Development
Barrel Roof Framing - Task Model
Barrel Roof Framing - Arch Top Dormer
Barrel Vault Elliptical Rib Layout
Eyebrow Roof Dormer with Ribs Task Model
Eyebrow Roof Dormer Inner Valley Plywood
Eyebrow Roof Dormer Math
Eyebrow Roof Dormer with Purlins
Curved Hip Rafters
Curved Bay Window Rafters
Ski Slope Rafters
Ogee-Imperial Hip Rafters Equal Slope
Ogee-Imperial Bay Window Hip Rafters
Ogee-Imperial Pentagon Pavilion
Ogee-Imperial Hexagon Pavilion
Ogee-Imperial Octagon Pavilion
Imperial - Straight Roof Task Model
Imperial - Dome Roof Task Model
Bell Roof
Dome Roof
Concave Roof
Belgian Oeil-de-Boeuf,
known as Bull's Eye windows
Medieval Gothic Cathedral Table
Round Tower Roof Intersecting A Straight Roof
Dome Roof Intersecting a Straight Roof
Round Tower Roof Intersecting A Dome Roof
Round Tower Roof Intersecting A Imperial Roof
French Capucine Dormer-Skylite
French Guitarde Dormer-Skylite
Guitarde and Capucine Solid Models Cut on the BandSaw
Single Curvature Knee Braces
Double Curvature Knee Braces
Fourneau's Guitarde Dormer built in 1765 in Rouen France
Round Tower on Square Plan
Pyramid Roof on Circular Plan
The Intersection of a Cone & Cutting Plane for the Ellipse cut on a bandsaw
Curved Purlins on Round Tower Roof
Saint-Andre's Cross on Round Tower
Round Tower Roof with Saint Andrew's Cross Task Models
Saint-Andre's Cross on Imperial Round Tower
Round Towers of California with Saint Andre's Cross
Professional Stair Builder Secrets
Enclosed Circular Stairs
Free Standing Circular Stairs
Enclosed Elliptical Stairs
Free Standing Elliptical Stairs
Tangent Handrailing
Round Tower with Ears
The Intersection of a Cone & Cutting Plane for the Ellipse
Groin Vaults
Barrel Vaults
Elliptical Vaults
Parabolic Arch Vaults
Gothic Arch Vaults