Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ad Quadratum - Seed of Life - Ad Triangulum Router Templates

I made some router templates for the geometric symbols Ad Quadratum - Seed of Life - Ad Triangulum. These router templates were used for the window trim and soffit  knee braces. 

The router templates weren't perfect enough so I had some custom router templates made out of 1/2" HDPE by Well it turns out that is owned by Brenton Green who also owns Digital Construction Solutions does CNC fabrication of residential and light commercial construction products.   Groin vaults, eyebrow and barrel roofs and a lot of other really neat geometrical construction related products. Check out his websites.

This picture is the base template, 18" square with a 12" square cut out.  

It's pretty easy to align with the centering marks.  

After the base is aligned with the centering marks the circle template is inserted into the base. The circle template is used for all three symbols.  The templates are setup for a 60° V-Groove router bit with a 5/8" guide bushing. This template has an 3 5/8" diameter hole to allow for the 3" circle.

Here's I'm routing the seed of life(daisy wheel). The template has 1/4" holes spaced around the equilateral triangle for a 1/4" dowel. The router base also has a 1/4" hole drilled into the router base to swing an 1 1/2" radius for the daisy wheel arcs.  

Route the three arcs of the daisy wheel and then reverse the template to route in the other 3 arcs of the daisy wheel.

Here's the 4x4 redwood window header with 3 daisy wheels routed.

Here I was testing the custom router templates for the geometric symbols Ad Quadratum - Seed of Life - Ad Triangulum.

Picture of the knee brace and window trim routed.

Knee brace and window trim installed, except for the window header. 

Some pictures of the finished product.

I tried using a diamond tip router bit to route the granite, but as you can see the diamond tip router bit didn't really work. After routing the Ad Triangulum into the granite the diamond tip router bit was diamond-less even through I used diamond coolant with the router bit.

Looks like the granite is too tough to route with the diamond tip router bit I had. ($65.00)

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