Friday, August 29, 2014

Twisted Steeple Geometry

Here's my first attempt for developing the geometry of the twisted steeple. This twisted steeple has an Octagonal base  for the rotation of the twist. It also sets on top of a square base for the connection to a church roof.

Clocher tors -- Twisted Steeples -- Belfray

I started off with an Octagon, 36" diameter for the circumscribed radius.  

Then I used a height of 50" for the peak of the steeple and drew in the hip rafters.

Then I divided the roof peak height into 5 equal heights. For the 5 Octagonal platforms.

Draw in the Octagonal platforms and rotate each Octagonal platform by 22.5°.

Octagonal platforms rotated 22.5°.

With the Octagonal platforms drawn in I added the hip rafters.

Here's the plan view the twisted steeple.

Hip Rafter Slope Angles and plan Angles for each of the Octagonal platforms.

Here's the plan view of the twisted steeple with the plan view of the square base.

In the next post I'll develop the geometry for the hip rafter backing angle for each of the Octagonal platforms.

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