Thursday, November 27, 2014

The single sided hip sprocket

The single sided hip sprocket
Der einseitige Grataufschiebling

This task model for the single sided hip sprocket presented some new techniques for developing the transition surface triangle of the sprocket hip rafters at the main pitch hip rafter. The right side hip rafter has a lower left edge that's not edge beveled, with the surface plane intersection edge beveled and the standard hip rafter edge bevel above the pitch break of the sprocket rafter plane.   It also has the left sprocket hip rafter with a rafter claw at the intersection of the main hip rafter.

Base drawing of the task model in ground view.

Fully developed drawing for the task model. Well almost. I left out some lines for clarity.

Drawing showing the roof planes of the pitch break for the sprocket rafters.

Drawing with the transition base triangle developed from the foot of the main hip rafter and the transition  surface triangle developed for the intersection of the hip rafter at the pitch break.

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