Wednesday, March 25, 2015

French Timber Framing

Some really good examples of French Timber Framing can be seen on Piedefer Olivier facebook page.  These are just some of the pictures from Piedefer's facebook post. It's great when we can see the  French timber framing we're studying from books. Especially the use of the principal rafter, knee braces, purlins with batten rafters. He uses a lot of old used timbers and some of the mortise and tenon in the twisted timbers are a good study on scribing. The saint andrews cross's at some of the ridges is also interesting, but then there's the timber framed gable walls as well with mortise and tenon in the twisted gable stud timbers.

If you're interested in Timber Framing  click on the link below to visit Piedefer Olivier facebook page. (I'm not sure what photos are public)

Piedefer Olivier


  1. Hey Sim, thanks for the blog. Always fascinating to watch what you are churning out. Do you have a suggestion for beginning carpentry drawing/roof framing? Would "The New Book on the Ancient Knowledge of Roof Framing" be a good intro or is it for those who understand carpentry drawing already?

    1. The New Book on the Ancient Knowledge of Roof Framing is not really for someone to learn the basics on roof framing geometry. However, it is the only book written in English on the subject. Maybe you should start off with Basiswissen Schiften that's listed on this page. However, it's in German.

  2. I went to college to study architecture. I've been in the architectural field for over 20 years. In all of that I never became licensed as an architect because I came to understand that I simply loved the drawing aspect. Due to the times in which I live all of this drawing was by computer. I cannot count how many times I encountered conditions or circumstances where I needed to know how to construct something because the computer didn't or couldn't do it for me.

    In all of my education, no one ever taught me any of the things I see on your blog. I ran across L'art du Trait and your blog while trying to solve yet another problem of what I thought to be complex angles in some steel angles and plates. Had I known these methods the solution would have taken five minutes and I wouldn't have had to draw them at all if the guys in the shop fabricating these members knew the same methods.

    the drawings you share aren't spectacular as drawings. just lines. but the information and function they represent makes me just want to cry. This is all but a lost art. lost to humanity because somewhere along the way it was decided that carpenters and stone masons should be considered nothing but common laborers. the dominance of masonry and wood gave way to iron and steel. problem is, the knowledge still applies to laying out any structure, regardless of its material. I guess if you build boxes long enough you start to consider anything else to be unnecessary.

    Thanks for sharing even what little of this art as you have.

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