Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tracage Du Delardement

Tracage du delardement = trace the edge bevel on the hip rafter.

My drawing is based on this dormer.
Tracage du delardement

Tracing the edge bevel of a curved rafter is something that I learned when I took Billy's eyebrow dormer class in Portland. The edge bevel is always the same length along the edge of the hip rafter and the direction of the edge bevel is always in the same direction.

Drawing showing the Saint Andrews cross orthographic projection geometric development.

Drawing showing the side cut bevel for the curved jack rafter. All of these timbers are positioned in a vertical plane, so the the plumb line shift that works on hip roofs, also works on these curved timbers. 


  1. The part of the video which shows the construction of the "guitarde" can also be seen here:
    The video quality is not as good, but there are english subtitles. Perhaps useful for someone.


    btw. Great blog Sim!