Sunday, September 22, 2013

Roof Framing Books

Hopefully we can compile a list of all of the books ever written on Roof framing.

Here's some of the books. Send me  an email with the title and author of any book that deals with roof framing. French, German, English, Spanish, Russian etc... Timber Framing, Stick Framing, Log Timber Framing etc...

  1. Radford's Cyclopedia Of Construction
  2.  by Owen B Maginnis
  3. Roof Framing by H.H. Siegele
  4. Steel Square by Gilbert Townsend
  5. Practical Use Of the Steel Square by Fred Hodgson
  6. Handbook of Carpentry and Joinery by A.B. Emary
  7. American Carpenter And Builder Magazine
  8. Advanced Timber Framing by Steve Chappell
  9. When Roofs Collide by Will Beemer
  10. Timber Framing Guild Publications 
  11. Timber Frame Joinery & Design Workbook by Ed Levin and others
  12. Timber Frame Construction: All About Post-and-Beam Building Paperback by  Jack Sobon
  13. A Timber Framer's Workshop: Joinery, Design & Construction of Traditional Timber Frames by Steve Chappell
  14. Building the Timber Frame House: The Revival of a Forgotten Art by Ted Benson
  15. Full Length Roof Framer by A.J. Riechers
  16. Roof Framer by Marshall Gross
  17. Roof Framer's Bible by Barry Mussell
  18. The Rafter Book by David McIntire
  19. Discovery Productions Complete Roof Framer by Sim Ayers
  20. Roof Framing Reference Tables by Fred Faridnia
  21. The Very Efficient Carpenter: Basic Framing for Residential Construction by Larry Huan
  22. Framing Roofs: Completely Revised and Updated (For Pros By Pros) by Fine HomeBuilding
  23. Framing Roofs (Best of Fine Homebuilding) by Fine HomeBuilding
  24. Simplified Roof Framing by J. D. Wilson and S. O. Werner 1927
  25. A Roof Cutter's Secrets by Will Holladay
  26. Basiswissen Schiten by Muller, Kubler
  27. Charpente Les bases du calcul by Muller and Kubler
  28. Basiswissen Dachausmittlung by Muller and Kubler
  29. Shiften nach der Flachenmethode by Bachle, Euchner, Kubler,Mette, Schumacher, Wittmann
  30. Manuel Des Traits De Charpente by Manfred Euchner
  31. Charpente Les Traces by Shumacher, Muller, GroBhart, Riggenbach,Wittmann, Kubler
  32. Grundwissen des Zimmerers by Franz Kramer
  33. La Charpente en Bois by Emery
  34. Complex Roof Framing by Billy Dillon
  35. Framing a Hip Roof by Tim Uhler

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