Friday, October 31, 2014

Carpentry & Building 1890

Some interesting and funny comments from the magazine Carpentry & Building  published in 1890.

Fig. 5 shows  this  method  of  getting  the hip rafter backing on  both  sides  of  an  irregular  hip
rafter.   It has been already explained, by getting the distance in plan. This letter would have been unnecessary and not deprived me of my afternoon nap, if the reader would have followed the laws of geometry.

Fig 5 Irregular Hip Roof

Fig 6 Equal Pitched Hip Roof

This is funny. The drawing is correct and is the most simple to follow and the best for general use to determine the hip rafter backing angles.
Which Rule for Backing Hip Rafters is the Best?
From HAH Avoca Wis

 Will you please inform me which of the various rules you have published for backing hip rafters you consider the most simple to follow and the best for general use.  I have examined the correspondence containing these rules and find that one writer pronounces this one Pitch of Hip Batter Backing Hip Rafters Fig 2 Sketch Accompanying Letter from CO incorrect and another brands that one as shaky &c and I am really doubtful which one to follow Will you have the kindness to set me on the right track.

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