Monday, October 13, 2014

German Roof Framing Translations to English

Dachneigung (Grad): = Roof Slope Angle
Gratsparrenneigung (Grad)= Hip Rafter Slope Angle (R1)
Gebäudegrundwinkel innen (Grad): = Eave Angle
Gratsparrengrundwinkel (Grad)=  Plan Angle
Abgratungswinkel (Grad)= Hip Rafter Backing Angle
Anreißwinkel (Grad)= Hip Rafter Side Cut Angle
Schifter Anreißwinkel (Grad)= Jack Rafter Side Cut Angle
Hexenschnitt (Grad)= Witches Cut = ( 90° - R2)
Backenschmiege = Back Bevel
Dachausmittlung = Roof Design
Hauptdach = Main Roof = HD
Kerve = Birds Mouth = Seat Cut
Pfetten = Purlin
Traufe = Eave
Stirnbrett = Fascia
Traufabschnittswinkel (Grad)=  For Hip Rafter Angle Q3 = Projected Fascia Pitch Angle + Hip Pitch Angle
90° - (R1+R2) = 90° - ( Hip Rafter Slope Angle + Hip Rafter Purlin Housing Angle)

Hip Rafter Miter Angle = 90° - (Projected Fascia Pitch Angle + Hip Pitch Angle)
Hip Rafter Miter Angle = 90° - (46.69° + 25.24°) = 18.07°
Verstichmass = Hip Rafter Plumb Line Shift dimension

Abgratung = hip rafter backing
Auskehlung = valley rafter backing

Bernd Brück a Zimmerie from Germany sent this drawing for the translation.

Dachneigung (Grad): = Roof Slope Angle
Traufabschnittswinkel (Grad): This angle is only used for the hip rafter. It would be angle 90 - Q3.

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