Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ridgid OF50150TS Tri-Stack 5 Gallon Air Compressor

I've bought 3 of the Ridgid OF50150TS Tri-Stack 5 Gallon Air Compressor in the last two years. With 2 air outlets on the bottom tank and a separate air regulated outlet on the top tank this air compressor  make our job easier as a framing contractor. The top outlet  air pressure is turned down to 80 psi for our positive placement nail gun for installing nails into our structural hardware without denting the metal. The bottom tank air pressure is turned up to about 150 psi for our framing nail guns.

However, this Ridgid air compressor has broken down on us 3 times. The air compressor turns on, but wouldn't put out more than 30# of air pressure. We exchanged the first one that quit running correctly. A couple of weeks ago our third compressor quit running correctly. With two of these air compressors not working I went to the Ridgid website and contacted them on replacing parts in the air compressor. They didn't even respond. So I went to and ordered 4 of  the Outlet Reed Valves. Simple to install and now I have two of these Ridgid air compressors that work correctly.

Here's the Outlet Reed Value that broke.

Bottom line: 
If your Ridgid Tri-Stack 5 Gallon Air Compressor doesn't run correctly, then goto

and order these parts:
Cylinder Gasket #079027013041
Cylinder Gasket #079027013054
Outlet Reed Value #079027013044
Inlet Reed Value #079027013046

you also might need
Piston Rod Assembly # 079027013125
Cylinder  # 079027013040

Total cost for all the above parts $32.00


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  4. That sounds like a great idea, I have never seen that done before. If you are able to paint with it and no other filters, then it must work great. Thanks for the info. Anna D. Pritchett