Thursday, December 11, 2014

The folding roof -- sloping ridge roof

King Class
The folding roof (sloping ridge roof)

Die Konigsklasse
Das Turmdach als Faltdach

This task model from the book "The new Book on the ancient knowledge of Roof Framing" is interesting. The base geometry for the ground plan reminds me of the ground plan for the Alhambra, Granada Spain over the Hall of  Abencerrajes. The Alhambra ground plan is two squares rotated in the circle to form the 8 hip rafters and 8 valley rafters. Ad Quadratum ground plan.

In this task model the main ground plan is developed from two rectangles rotated at 45°.

Here's the actual task model ground plan from the book.

Here's the similar geometric development to the Alhambra Granada for the roof design.

Here's the geometric develop that I've done so far. Bernd Kuppers shows all the steps to produce the following roof layout drawings.

Valley rafter development.

Plumb jack rafter claw geometric development.

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