Sunday, February 1, 2015

Journeyman Carpenters Examination

Bernd Kupper shared these photos and drawings on Facebook. I thought I would share the pictures and drawings for the German  Journeyman Carpenters Examination here on my blog so everyone can see what it takes to become a journeyman carpenter in Germany. My son Erik looked at these pictures and asked me why the Germans put so much emphasis on roof framing. I said you can train a monkey to frame walls or install floor joist or roof trusses. So the only things that are left to test on are roof framing, timber framing,building  stairs, interior trim or cabinetry.  I'm guessing the Germans have a test for those as well.

Bernd said this test was for the ones that failed last year. The roof framing task must be completed in 6 hours with hand tools only and geometrically laid out on the drawing table. In these pictures he said none of the carpenters completed the task.  The one task is missing the completed hip rafter edge bevel. Looks like he used his draw knife to edge bevel the hip rafter, but didn't have the time to plane down the edge bevel.

This task for the German  Journeyman Carpenters Examination has an unequal pitched hip rafter with a witches cut on the hip rafter tail. The jack rafter and purlin have lower claws.

Here's the drawing for the exam.
Here's the solution for the exam.

Here's a couple of pictures from the web for other task models that were used for the German  Journeyman Carpenters Examination. Each of these task model were allotted different amounts of hours to complete.

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