Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mandala Training Task Model #1

Mandala Training Task Model #1 from the Zimmerer Nationalmannschaft website. This Mandala task model was more of a challenge for cutting the 6 compound  cuts and 6 half lap cuts precisely than the geometry for the task model. The geometry for the task model only presented one challenge and that was for determining the line for the claw.  Normally, you would use a line parallel to the hip rafter run line for developing the claw line. However, in this task model the line is parallel to the claw line in plan view. I need to research this method to see if it works on other intersecting rafters.

Here I'm checking to make sure the half lap cuts allow for the rafters to line up directly over the geometric lines of the profile rafters. I finally got the last set of rafter cut precisely. I had to score a line a 1/32 next to the lines on the rafter to use as guide for the saw. I normally just score the lines, but the compound cut on these rafters forms a 'V' on one of the corners and I kept over cutting the rafter with the hand saw. After cutting the rafter with the hand saw I would then use a chisel to remove the wood to the line and then use a sanding block to make sure the compound cut formed a 90° between the two planes of the compound cut.

The first set of  rafters being assembled. I glued the half lap joints and then I glued the claws and added one pin nail to hold the rafters in place until the glue dried. 

Six rafters assembled and in place directly over the plan view of the task model.

For the top of the task model I glued up some 1x4 poplar  and then used my router to cut the circular top.
I haven't used my Ad Quadratum & Ad Triangulum router templates for a while. So I used the Ad Triangulum router template on the bottom of the table top. The Ad Triangulum symbol is 2 equilateral triangles rotated in a circle or the base for a hexagon, which this model is based on.

Line up the circle template where you want the  Ad Triangulum symbol .

Then inset the equilateral triangle template. 

Then flip the equilateral triangle template 90°. 

Here's an image of the PDF from the Zimmerer Nationalmannschaft website. They have a link to down load the task model drawings, but I can't seem to find it again.

I scaled this task model down to a 21" tall model. There's is a 42" tall task model.

Dimension for the task model
Radius -- 7 3/32"
Height 21 1/4"

1 3/16" x 1 21/32"

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