Monday, March 18, 2013

Hip Rafter Offset for Hexagon and Octagon Roof Framing

Drawing the Hip Rafter Offset should be as easy as tying your shoe laces.

Examples for drawing the hip rafter offset for:

  1. Equal Pitch Rectangle Plan
  2. Un-Equal Pitch Rectangle Plan
  3. Equal Pitch Tetrahedron Plan
  4. Equal Pitch Pentagon Plan
  5. Equal Pitch Hexagon Plan
  6. Equal Pitch Octagon Plan
  7. Trapezoidal Ground Plan With Three Different Roof Pitches

Line DE is perpendicular to the hip rafter run line.
Radius MA is the width of the hip rafter.
Line DA is the width of the hip rafter.
Line AE is the width of the hip rafter.
Line EB is parallel  AF.
Line DC is parallel  AG.

Gratsparren Grundverschiebung --> Hip rafter basic shift --> Hip Rafter Offset


  1. Hi Sim.

    I'm a fan of yours, and of the natural, or proportionate Irregular H/V rafter placement too.

    (w/ or w/o backing too =)

    Well Done!

    1. Hey Richard, how's it going. Sure do wish I knew how to draw out the hip offset 30 years ago.

  2. It is so elementary too, kind of makes me wonder where my head was?

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