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Basiswissen Dachausmittlung

Basiswissen Dachausmittlung

Dachfläche --roof surface
Ausmittlung -- averaging -- design

Basiswissen Dachfläche Ausmittlung
Base Knowledge of Roof Surface Design/Geometry

The book is a collection of revised articles from the journal 'The Carpenter'. The contributions provide foundations and numerous exercises of varying difficulty. The task solutions are presented step by step, so that the practitioner is a quick introduction to the subject and then be able to expand and deepen his knowledge.

überprüfen und erzeugen der ebenheit von flächen

Seitenansicht von rechts
Seitenansicht von links

Die Ebenheit der Dashfläche lässt sich in diesen Ansichten nicht eindeutig feststellen.

Google translation
Basics Roof Design

check and generate the flatness of surfaces

Right side view
front View
Left side view
Umbrella body plan

The flatness of the Dashfläche can not be clearly ascertained in these views.


This where the Google translation this suck. Are they talking about the Real Roof Surface or how flat the surface of the prism is? The entire book is drawings on the development of the real roof surface, so hopefully it's the Google translation of the German to English.

In the book Basiswissen Dachausmittlung they show how to develop the roof surface of a prism. The method they use is similar to the Mowat brothers tangent handrailing method of developing the surface of the prism. Their drawings are confusing, but it's probably because I can't read German.

In this drawing I unfolded the prism to develop the pitch of plank. Then developed the surface of the prism using their method.

Here's the way you develop the surface of the prism using the tangent handrailing method. Unfold the prism then use arc's to establish the points of the prism surface.

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