Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rotated Rafters Upper and Lower Claw Angles

In the previous study on Upper and Lower Claw Angles, with plumb rafters intersecting rotated hip rafters the key to finding the upper claw angle was the intersection of the DP line with the rafter run line. With  a rotated rafter intersecting a rotated hip rafter the key to the upper claw angle is the intersection of the Hip Rafter DP Line and the Rotated Rafter DP line.

I was trying to draw out the rotated rafters using Michel Verdon's art of line method when I saw the connection of the intersecting DP lines.

Michel's blog sites
Apprendre la charpente
Le forum exclusivement dédié à la charpente bois.

Drawing with intersecting DP lines.

Here's the art of line drawing I was trying to draw.

I drew this drawing a couple of months ago and now it's all coming together for the upper & lower claw angles on any rotated rafter. It's all based on the foot print of the rafters.

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