Wednesday, August 21, 2013 absolutely *****. The person/persons in charge of  are complete ********. 

I lost my password to  and used their "Send Password" form about 10 times and never recieved an email from them to reset my password. So after waiting a month for them to send me my password, I used a different email address to sign up yesterday at . 

Today I went to  and this appeared on the screen.

You have been banned for the following reason:
duplicate account
Date the ban will be lifted: Never


  1. Sim,

    Wow, I hope that was just a automated systems error and that you are allowed back in. If not, it will be their loss, and the community that goes there.



    Btw, I have two named user accounts over there. But I have never logged on with the other one.

  2. Yeah that seems like an automated type thing. Absolutely ridiculous nontheless.
    Should we post this there or start a thread to bring this to their attention. I guess we could also just PM Kent or somebody to see if we can get it resolved...

    Maybe your post about the witches angle or whatever just blew their mind and they couldn't deal.

    BTW I wasn't sure exactly what your dilemma was with that. I love purlin stuff its as difficult as it gets in roof framing because you have that extra rotation of the purlin housing angle and purlin sidecut angle to deal with... lies are not plumb and it gets intense. Maybe you can explain your exact problem better??

  3. Sim,

    Your Original account at CT is Alive, not Banned. Keep Trying to use the Password recovery link. They upgraded recently and I had similar problems. If I can be of any help.


    1. I just tried the send password form again. Nope, never did get an email to reset the password.

      Also, when I was at the TFG conference I meet Jim from Texas that has been working on the same house for the last 8 years. I forgot his last name, but definitely one of the best carpenters in the country. Go Texas.