Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rafter Tools+ for iPhone

The Rafter Tools+ app for iPhone is almost done. I still need to write the help files for the app and submit it to the Apple developers website for review. It's still about a month before it's available on the iTunes store.

The Rafter Tools+ app for iPhone is designed to give the user the ability to percisely layout an irregular hip rafter. The eave angle can be from 10° to 170° with unequal roof slope angles.

The user interface is a lot better on the iPhone than the Rafter Tools app for Android. Real easy to use, especially the Email calculations function and the Equal - Unequal Overhang function for irregular hip roofs. The Timber Framing angles screen is pretty good. You can select different display formats for the Timber Framing angles. The hip angles display is a lot easier to read on the iPhone.

  1. "Degrees"
  2. "Base 10"
  3. "Base 12 decimal"
  4. "Base 12 fractions"
  5. "Tangent"
  6. "90° - Angle"
  7. "90° + Angle"
  8. "180° - Angle"
  9. "180° + Angle"

Screen Shots of the Rafter Tool+ app running on the iPhone 5. The retina display on the iPhone 5 is amazing.

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