Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scribing Class Timber Framing by Josh Jackson

Timber Framing Guild Conference 2013 Burlington Vermont, Bubble Scribing class taught by Josh Jackson from TimberHomesLLC


Timber Framing Guild

This timber frame with curved headers and yokes is for Shannon McIntyre's house. It's 169 1/2 long and 99"  in height from the bottom of the scribe stones to the top of the cross header. The timber frame was placed on the saw horses with the living room side up and the mud room side facing down.

Josh explaining how to set up the saw horses to level and square up the timber frame. 
Right to left, Abe, Robert, Josh, Jonathan, Ray, Shannon.

Right to left, Abe, Earl, Makaio, Erik, Charles, ?, Josh, Shannon, Ray.

Shannon pointing the laser at the end of the post to establish the height of the post on the saw horses.

Josh explaining the purpose of the square rule pencil. 

Josh showing the way he levels the scribe bubbles.

Chris using the framing square to establish the center height of the log.

 Chris checking the heights of the logs to be scribe.

 Chris checking the heights of the logs to be scribe.

Shannon, Shawn watching Chris

Will Bremer talking to Josh with Chris checking out the scribe lines.

Abe scribing the logs.

Abe and Makaio discussing the positioning of the log.

Charles, Jonathan and Ray looking at the position of the log.

Erik looking at the whole process as Shannon positions  the log. 

Chris using the bubble scribe.

Shawn using the bubble scribe.

Erik and Jonathan using the bubble scribes.

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