Friday, March 28, 2014

Golden Rhombus Parallelogram Roof #4

The Golden Rhombus Parallelogram Roof broken down into prisms for the unbacked shoulder of the hip rafters. We can miter the hip rafters several different ways, but the main objective is to miter the hip rafter so the lengths of the miter are the same length.

Standard right angled prism for the Golden Rhombus Parallelogram Roof. The miter line is the common rafter slope run line, perpendicular to the eave line. If we used this miter line method then the  hip rafters would have to be different widths to have the lengths of the hip rafter miter lines be equal in length.

Prism using the intersection of the hip rafters in plan view as the miter line. Using this miter line the lengths of the hip rafter miter lines are equal.

Angles that are constant using either method:
R1,DD,SS,P2,C5 and R5B being the most usable angle in the development of the prisms for the unbacked hip rafter.

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